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What Happens When Drugs Are Combined?

 Scientists from the National Institute on Drug Abuse answer common questions teens ask about drug use and addiction. The episode What Happens When Drugs Are Combined? introduces viewers to the health risks and unintended consequences of mixing substances like alcohol and prescription medications. So, we know that both drugs that people use illegally, and […]

PVHI Outreach is actively fundraising to purchase a van

Dear Friends of PVHI, We really need your help! PVHI Outreach is open throughout the school year from 2pm–5pm, offering a safe place for teens to go after school. We offer activities, mentor classes, but even more—just listening and talking things out to help these teens make the right decisions moving forward with their lives. […]


About the Adolescent Brain

Research has shown that brain development continues into a person’s 20s—a time that encompasses many important developmental and social changes in a young person’s life. Yet important questions remain about the factors that influence brain development and their impact on physical, cognitive, emotional, and academic trajectories. The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study is the largest long-term […]