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Substance Abuse Resources for Students, Parents, and Educators

Welcome to Pequawket Valley Health Initiatives

At Pequawket Valley Health Initiatives, we believe that it is our responsibility to educate the youth in schools and also update the whole community about the repercussions of substance abuse. We are here to provide all kinds of help for you to overcome your addiction. We will also guide and teach you the ways to lead a happy life. We have a resource library for students, parents, and educators to help them deal with substance abuse, teen substance abuse, substance use disorder and drug addiction and teach them how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

a resource to get free naloxone (Narcan) and training to use it.

recovery resources. Can use website to find local options liaison and other recovery resources. There will be starting another website resource called treatment connection in September of this year.

a single resource for information about drug use, overdoses, and deaths in Maine.

Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey

NIDA for Teens

For Teens

Addiction is a far-reaching problem, and in the Maine & New Hampshire towns that we serve, we are sure that each one of the residents will know someone who is a victim of substance abuse.

We at Pequawket Valley Health Initiatives know how curious teens are, and therefore through our resource program, we answer the questions they may have. We also conduct classes in schools to educate teens about Teen Substance Abuse and its consequences.

NIDA for Teens

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For Parents

No one knows a child better than their parents, and hence we at Pequawket Valley Health Initiatives have taken a pledge to put our efforts and resources to work to educate the parents too.

Through our resource library, parents can get a wealth of information about the child’s behavior, and the signs that indicate that they might be using drug or alcohol.

For Educators

Educators influence kids the most. That is why our resource library is also open for educators. We will provide you with the latest science-based information about the effects and consequences of drug addiction, teen substance abuse and substance use disorder.

Our initiative has a partnership with United Way of Maine and the 211 services that handle cases related to substance abuse.

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